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About Us

Gabe Olivier is the owner of IN STITCHES. She has been doing machine embroidery for over 17 years. In prior years she worked at Sew-N-Sew’s in Nederland along with a few of the ladies that currently work at IN STITCHES. While at Sew-N-Sew’s she taught classes on how to properly use sewing and embroidery machines. She also taught other classes and project workshops. In October of 2016 IN STITCHES was created. 

In February of 2018 IN STITCHES received their first order of Brother sewing and embroidery machines. Since then several familiar faces (Jilly, Polly & Rhonda) from Sew-N-Sew's and a few new faces (Kirstan & Carissa) have come to In Stitches. By the late summer of 2018 it was apparent that the current location was no longer big enough. 

In January of 2019 IN STITCHES moved to it's current location in the Colonnade Shopping Center. With this move came Handi Quilter, AccuQuilt and a lot of fabric. With the new location we have more than doubled our space and classroom size. During 2019 Sandy and Debbie were added to the team working in the store. 

We hope to become one of your stops for your sewing, embroidery and quilting needs.