About Us

Gabe Olivier is the owner of In Stitches. She has been doing machine embroidery for 15 years. In her former life she worked at Sew-N-Sew’s in Nederland. While at Sew-N-Sew’s she taught classes on how to properly use sewing and embroidery machines. She also taught other classes and project workshops (where she could take 4 thousand steps and turn it in to an easier to understand 10 steps). In 2016 her personal life took a turn that required her to give up her full-time job. Through much prayer she decided to quit her job and finally fulfill her long time dream of opening an embroidery shop in October of 2016. In March of 2017 she moved into her current location at 920 Delmar Drive. This location holds a special significance to her as the building was built by her husband and is the location where he ran his appliance business for many years. In late 2017 she made the decision to expand her business and become a Brother Dealer; so, she kicked her husband to the curb (well out of the building).   

In February of 2018 In Stitches received their first order of Brother sewing and embroidery machines. Since then several familiar faces from Sew-N-Sew's and a few new faces have come to In Stitches. Jill manages the office (and Gabe), Polly is full time at the store if she isn't on vacation with her husband and grandkids, Rhonda fills in once or twice a week when she isn't on vacation with her husband, Kirstan and Carissa are full time at the shop.

Gabe's prayer is that In Stitches will become a "little" sewing/embroidery cottage for all those that have the same passion for sewing and embroidery as she does!